Adventures in Decorah

June 2, 2009 - 9:52 PM


Decorah is quite the adventerous place.  I absolutely love it here!  We have made all sorts of wonderful friends, including Hammy, Emilio, and Belteshazzar (our squirrel neighbors).  

The squirrels


But seriously, the people in Decorah are fantastic!  The Borseth family is a blast to be around.  They are all very generous (and goofy).  I can see why Tim is so excited about planting a church in this area.  

Dan, Jenny, and I are still hunting for jobs, but I know that God is going to provide.  I am excited to see the jobs he has for us and how he will use them to bring glory to his name.

We have started in on our weekly schedule which includles a lot of time in the word and in prayer.  Woot!  Biblestudy has been great; Tim is an excellent teacher (he didn't pay me to say that).  It is good to dig into the word together.  This summer we are going through the book of John.  At our first Biblestudy meeting we read aloud through the first six chapters.  Next week we will begin to take a more in depth look into the book.

Tim Teaching

We had a nice Memorial Day picnic at Dunnings spring and went for a hike/wander through the woods to the nearby Ice Cave.  We then free climbed up some rocks to a fantastic view of Decorah and hiked back.  It was a wonderrful afternoon.

Memorial Day PicnicVineet at Dunning's Spring

Tuesday night we helped Tim's mom out with some projects  around her house.  we took off some ceiling that had been damaged in a leaky roof, took out a broken window, and relieved his mom of excess cake and cookies she had lying around.  ;) 

Luke tearing down the ceiling

After our work, we decided to play a little and make some "mashed potatoes."  Tim, Luke, and I all hit our marks!  It was a blast (no pun intended). 



Mashed potato

Mashed Potato a la Beth

Keep praying for us!



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