The Basement

Life House Church has come to Decorah with the mission of spreading the good news of the gospel to residents of the Decorah Iowa and the surrounding area.

This church was started as a plant from a sister church in Ames, Iowa. We felt a personal calling from God to move to this beautiful town and devote ourselves to playing a role in expanding God's kingdom. In the summer of 2009, the Decorah Summer Project kicked off the church plant. During this project, the church members moved to the Decorah area with a heart to serve and a desire to learn.

Today, the church continues to grow. We earnestly strive to communicate the hope found in Jesus Christ in a style that is relevant and appealing to today's culture. Both as individuals and as a church body, we want nothing but to serve God and help expand his kingdom in any way that we can.


As a church body, we believe that there are several specific values we should hold to. Find out more →

Core Beliefs

At the center of every church is a foundation of beliefs. Take a look at our core and find out what we know to be true based on the living Word of God. Find out more →

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